Author: Julia Brunner

Hello there! I'm Julia, co-founder of Eco-Spotlight and a freelance journalist. With Eco-Spotlight, I want to focus on sharing stories of inspirational people and positive impact, as well as learn more about the environment, and sustainability.

Social enterprise Fairphone produces long-living, environmentally conscious smartphones

Social enterprise Fairphone produces the fairest smartphone on the market with improving workers conditions by using their own supply chain, producing their own phone that customers can easily repair and upgrade when needed and having a reuse/recycling scheme.

Sustainable death care improves water, soil and air quality

While it is great that more people live a sustainable life, many forget to look beyond their lifetime. What about after we die? Is it even possible to have an eco-friendly burial? Julia talked to Lee Webster, vice-president of Education of the Green Burial Council – a US-based organisation that educates people on green burials – to answer those questions.

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