Petit Pli’s sustainable clothing expands as your kids grow

Petit Pli makes sustainable clothing that grows with your kid. The image has two kids - one boy and one girl - wearing blue petiti pli's garments

The thing is, kids grow. Fast. And as they get older, within a few weeks, their adorable ‘new’ clothes simply don’t fit anymore. This makes children extreme users of fashion, as they grow through 7 discrete sizes of clothing in their first two years on Earth alone. That means that a huge chunk of garments are discarded as the kid grows – – adding to the massive fashion waste problem looming over our planet

London-based Petit Pli is solving this woe of parents as well as the planet by creating garments that grow up to 7 sizes with their kids! Extending the life and use of clothes is not only cost-effective for parents, but also one of the most significant opportunities in the fashion industry to reduce carbon emissions, waste generation and water consumption. For example, extending the life of garments just by an extra nine months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each and cut resource costs by £5 billion.

One size fits all

The company was founded in 2017, by trained aeronautical engineer Ryan Mario Yasin after he realised that the clothes he gifted his newborn nephew were already too small. To address this issue, Petit Pli uses technical materials that are ultra-lightweight, reinforced, rainproof and breathable keeping in mind that children are extreme athletes.

On an average, kids who start wearing Petit Pli clothing can use them between the ages of nine months upto four years. This is a huge leap from clothing that needs to be replaced every two months or so

A win for the environment

The easy-to-clean, machine washable designs reduce waste, costs & pollution in childrenswear on account of designs being able to grow through several sizes. The designs also work to reduce inefficiencies for retailers with respect to inventory size requirements and stock management efficiency. 40% of all e-commerce fashion is returned back to the retailer, the largest pain point being in size-discrepancies.The company’s goal is to also mitigate this inefficiency to the advantage of retailers and the environment.

The clothing also uses renewable energy & recycled materials like plastic to reduce ~69 kg CO2 per set. Since they started, they have also upcycled approximately 12,841 PET bottles through their manufacturing process.

Overall, by ensuring fewer size issues and offcuts, as well keeping clothing in use for longer, the company has designed a solution that is more innovative, more sustainable and has high quality technical fabrics that last way longer than fast fashion.

How Petit Pli’s clothing technology works

Their creative, wearable technology is created by the company’s aeronautical engineers, neuroscientists and designers. Their suits have been engineered to combine fashion with function keeping in mind the various indoor and outdoor activities that a child enjoys across weathers.

By colliding design with engineering, they ensured that their garments can be worn anytime – rain or sunshine. Interestingly, the founder, who previously worked with satellites that folded like origami, was inspired by the concept of folding. He used this as inspiration to create smart clothing that could be unfolded as the kid grows.

All videos and photos including the feature image are courtesy of Petit Pli. At the time of publishing, they have two different garment options for newborn kids and toddlers. They have recently also launched MSK’s for adults, a non-medical, reusable face covering. You can check out Petit Pli’s website to know more and follow them on Instagram

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