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Eco-Spotlight is a climate-solutions network

Eco-Spotlight focuses on people, ideas and companies who are working towards positive environmental changes. We want to find creative solutions for a human-made problem and talk to people who show us how we can tackle the climate catastrophe.

More and more people believe that it is too late to make positive and meaningful change for the environment. We want to challenge that. With Eco-Spotlight, we wish to bring stories of green solutions and innovation to the forefront and remind the world – without hope, there is no future.


Ayushi Shah


Hi there! My name is Ayushi and I’m the co-founder of Eco-Spotlight. Based out of the bustling city of Mumbai, I’m a freelance journalist who is passionate about the environment, women’s rights and sustainability.

As a storyteller, I write, produce podcasts, take photos and edit videos. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, photography and thrifting.

Write to me if you’d like to chat about this project, discuss a potential project or ponder about the purpose of life at ayushi(at)eco-spotlight.com.

Julia Brunner

Hello! My name is Julia and I’m a Germany-based freelance journalist. I have gained experience in online, photo, and radio journalism as well as film-making. I love sewing my own clothes, vegan food and solo-hiking.

For Eco-Spotlight, I mainly focus on sustainable travel, the future of food and underreported issues regarding climate change.

Send me a message at julia(at)eco-spotlight.com if you want to talk about the joys of solo-travel, potential story ideas for Eco-Spotlight or look for collaborations.

Julia Brunner in a field.
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