Our Story

Eco-Spotlight is a digital publication celebrating sustainable solutions. We publish a new story on changemakers working towards a better, greener world, every week.

Our Story

Eco-Spotlight was created out of our co-founders’ former podcast ‘2 Minutes 2 Midnight – A global podcast for a global problem’ in fall 2019. After half a year of successful podcasting – 2 Minutes 2 Midnight was shortlisted for the PRX and google Podcast Creators Program – they realised that they wanted to focus on solution-based journalism surrounding environmental and especially climate-related topics. In September 2020, they founded Eco-Spotlight.com.

Eco-Spotlight celebrates sustainable solutions. The publication focuses on people, ideas and companies that are working towards positive environmental change. The idea is to find creative solutions for a human-made problem and talk to people who show us how we can tackle the climate catastrophe.
More and more people believe that it is too late to make positive and meaningful change to the environment. We want to challenge that. With Eco-Spotlight, we wish to bring stories of green solutions and innovation to the forefront and remind the world – without hope, there is no future.

Our Vision

There can never be action without hope. So, we’re here to help fuel your hope for a better tomorrow by bringing to you changemakers who know that the ongoing climate and ecological crisis can be averted with prompt, climate-smart action. Our ultimate hope is to inspire you, our reader, to take action in small 
and big ways. 

We collaborate with White Print, India’s first English lifestyle magazine in braille to make climate solutions more accessible to a wider audience.


Hi there! My name is Ayushi and I’m the co-founder of Eco-Spotlight.  I’m a Mumbai-based freelance multimedia journalist who is passionate about the environment, women’s rights and sustainability. 

I enjoy travelling, podcasts and thrifting, as well as producing audio content and photography.

Contact: ayushi (at) eco-spotlight (dot) com

Julia Brunner in a field.

Hello! My name is Julia and I’m a Germany-based multimedia journalist with a background in local news. I have gained experience in online, photo, and radio journalism as well as film-making.  Currently, I am a cross-media trainee at Schwäbisch Media. I love sewing my own clothes, vegan food and solo-hiking. 

Contact:  julia (at) eco-spotlight (dot) com


We post a new story every week. They vary from interviews and in-depth features to opinion pieces. Additionally, we post an explanatory “What on Earth” piece once a month on our Instagram page, where we give you an in-depth understanding of environmental jargons or issues. So, don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Eco-Spotlight focuses on positive stories surrounding the environment and sustainability. We talk to green changemakers, interview activists and talk to people about their inventions and products that will hopefully take the world one step closer to a greener future. So, browse through our website to learn more about tackling food waste, building a sustainable wardrobe, the future of sustainable funerals, the intersection of design with climate change solutions, and hear from changemakers from around the world.

There is a lot of doom and gloom in news reporting. This especially applies to environmental and climate reporting, as we reach a crucial time that will decide the future of our planet. However, there is still hope and therefore it is important to report solutions through the lens of sustainability, solutions and eco-friendly living. By showing you the other side of the coin, we hope to inspire action and reduce eco-anxiety.

Send us an email on info (at) eco-spotlight (dot) com and tell us about what it is that you’re doing and we’ll get back to you.

We’re always looking for contributors! Go take a look at our contributors page and send us your pitches on info (at) eco-spotlight (dot) com and join our wonderful team.

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